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Terms of service

    1. Lottochatreader.com is a web based application used by lotto stakers, it's a lotto chart search engine, it helps lotto players to forecast, analyse, study lotto charts in a way that reduces to a large extent the time spent in forecasting. moreso, it helps to easily unlock lotto plans and keys to the users without having to spend days manaully searching through lotto charts. We also offer forecast of games, the forecaster is an artificial inteligence programm that analyse, charts, get keys and lotto plans, then display its forecast numbers to users.

    2. Lottochatreader.com is NEITHER a licenced operator NOR is it affiliated to any lotto operator in Nigeria.

    3. ALL information provided during membership registration, such as phone number, e-mail, address, and others are deemed to be authentic, in the event of falsification of any of the above details, or other details not mentioned here, Lottochatreader.com reserves the right to withraw its' services/benefits from such member.

    4. Before using Lottochatreader.com services, users MUST attain a minimium age of 18 years. Lottochatreader.com will not be liable for falsification of age by users but in event of learning of such act of falsification, Lottochatreader.com has the right to STOP further services to such users immediately without incuring any form of responsibilities to such users.

    5. Lottochatreader.com has compiled all lotto charts in its databases from lotto operator, and lotto chart printers with outmost care and due diligence for accuracy and reliability, Lottochatreader.com will not be held liable in event of error of ommision or commision that might occure in the charts or forecast.

    6. Lottochatreader.com give access to their services based on days but for fair usage policy accounts are monitored and may become innactive based on the total time the user had spent online, an account may not be able to access its paid services before the expiry time once it had exceeded the maximiun sign in count.

    7. All the terms and conditions explained in this page is referred to as "the Terms of Service". "Users", "User" 'member', 'members' refers to the person accessing our services. "Our", 'We' refers to Lottochatreader.com

    8. Lottochatreader.com ensures that our services are available to our users at all time, but will not be liable if such services becomes unavailable or innaccesible due to faults from such users or a third party.

    9. Having it in mind that lotto is a game of luck, Lottochatreader.com will not be held liable in any case for any damage or loss caused directly or indirectly by the service or by its contents or by the contents provided by a third party.

    10. Any legal relationship between the users and the Lottochatreader.com, for every circumstance not memtioned/regulated by the Terms of service, is subject to laws of Nigeria.

    11. The Terms of service is subject to ammendment by Lottochatreader.com at any time, without any input from the users, If a user deems an amemdment not acceptable to him/her, such user has the right to stop using Lottochatreader services, in such events, Lottochatreader.com will not be liable for services yet to be concluded for such users.

    12. It is the responsibility of users to keep their account data secret, Lottochatreader.com will not be held liable for loss or damages incured due to stolen or misplaced identity.

    12. Clossing of an account involves writing to The Lottochatreader.com administrators, through the approved channels, buy so, doing, the administrators have the right to close down the account after considering the merit of the letter.