What is lottochatreader all about ?

Lottochatreader is an innovative web-app that simplify lotto chart reading: Instead of spending hours manually reading lotto charts, our chart reader app easilly and effortlessly do the job at the click of a button.

Reading winning and machine numbers Reading both lapping numbers advanced chat reading Lapping/knocking Close numbers

Match 1 number

This is used to match or find ALL the events that played a given number throughout a given game chat. let take for example we want to know all the event that the number "35" played in MSP. This is how we will use the chat reader to find them.

illustration 1

» Illustration 1 .. Click on match 1 number

illustration 2

» illustration 2 .. This will take us to form a input area.

We input the number 35.

Next, we can enter a value for a year in order to streamline the result to that particular year. In this case we, we are not interested in the year, so we leave it blank.

Next, select a position for the number. here we selected "random (anywhere)", i.e anywhere the number "35" was played, either in 1st box, 2nd box, 3rd box, 4th box, or 5th box.

Next, click on "match number"

illustration 3

Yeah!! » illustration 3 ... The result is displayed to us.

Mind you, the result displayed is much more than what is in the picture in illustration 3. the events displayed was up to 40 events, but i'm only showing what my screen grabber can grab at once.

Now lets streamline the search result

We can achieve this by introducing a position or year, in this example we will be using position to reduce the search result.

illustration 4

illustration 5

Explanation of illustration 4 and 5.
This should be self explanatory, we introduced a condition, i.e we only want to see results where 35 played in 3rd box winning number, so we selected 3rd box and as you can the search result was reduced to only 5 events. i.e 35 have played in centre box only 5 times since the inception of MSP.

Match 2 numbers

The procedure is the same as with match 1 number. The only difference is that we want to find two numbers. eg, we want to find where "20" and "56" played. Here we use Lucky_g chat as example.

illustration 6

illustration 7

illustration 8

As you can see, the procedure is the same only that we need to enter two different numbers. You can also use the year and position field to streamline your search results.

We can apply this knowledge to Match 3 numbers and match 4 numbers. so I feel there is no need repeating the explanations.

Match at least 2 numbers

If we have five set of numbers and we want to find any event that contains at least TWO out of the FIVE set of numbers. This is the place to go. Say we have the numbers "23" "34" "56" "21" and "09" , we want to display any event that contains at least any two of the above five numbers.

illustration 9

» Illustration 9.... Click on match at least 2 numbers ( we used lucky_g here )

illustration 10

» Illustration 10..... A form input area displays, where you fill out the numbers and click match numbers.

illustration 11

» Illustration 11.... Your search result will display. Remember that you can always stream line your search result selecting a certain position or year.

Match lapping number

This is used to find key or lapping numbers. i.e, if you want to find for example the two consecutive events where say 52 and 36 lap, i.e 52/36 lapping . Let's demostrate it, using bonanza chat.

illustration 12

» Illustration 12.... Click on match lapping numbers.

illustration 13

» Illustration 13.... input the first number "52" on the first input box, input the second number "36" in the second input box and click on match numbers.

illustration 14

» Illustration 14.... the result displays for viewing.


Searching BOTH lapping numbers

This is used to find all consecutive events where a particular lapping occurs, i.e if we want to display events where a particular lapping occur either in winning or machine numbers.Lets demostrate with National game. we want to display events where 89/56 lap either in winning or machine.

illustration 15

Illustration 15... Click o match both lapping

illustration 16

Illustration 16... Enter 89 in first input box and 56 in the second input box, then click match number.

illustration 17

illustration 17... the result is displayed for viewing.

Displaying some events

sometimes we may find ourselves in a situation where we need to view some events for whatever purposes, it could be to check the latest draw or result. This can be done using "Display some event" link. This uses event number to search the chat, not draw numbers.

illustration 15

» Illustration 15 .. Click on "display some events".

illustration 16

» Illustration 16 ... A form input area where you can input events numbers. you can view up to ten events at once.

illustration 17

» Illustration 17 ... Search result displayed for viewing.

Tutorial on advanced chat reading

Advanced chat reading section is simply used to compare one or more charts. This solves the problem of the tedious work of manually comparing game charts in order to find similarity in their playing pattern. Depending on the events you enter, the chart reader will pick numbers in each successive weeks and compare them against each other, then displays the similarity. If there is no similarity, it will also inform you.
Where (the events) to start your comparing solely depends on you. The events you choose to start your comparation may be due to your observation or information at your disposal.

"count up" and "count down", basically do the same job, the only difference is while "count up" compares charts "moving up" the chart, "count down" will compare the same charts but "moving down" the chart, depending on the event you entered.

Comparing weekly pattern, count up/count down

This is used to compare two games playing pattern. say for example, we find out 56/35 lapping in both bonanza and national games, then we want to compare both chats and to find out the playing pattern and to see the exact weeks it played the same numbers. (The decision of where to start comparing the chats depends on you, maybe from what you observed). here I observed 56/35 lapping in both chats.

illustration 18

» Illustration 18... A 56/35 lapping in two different games: bonanza and national, at events 0217 and 0218 in bonanza, 0921 and 0922 in national. Now, we want to compare both chats to see how similar the draws after those events were played and maybe to find the game the key (56/35) plays after certain weeks.
NOTICE!!.. When comparing two chats, you need to enter either the first events in the different games or the second events in the different games.

illustration 19

» Illustration 19... Click on "Compare weekly pattern (count down)", a form input area will be displayed.

illustration 20

» Illustration 20... Enter the first event in bonanza and the first event in national, or you can use the second events in both games. Do NOT mix the events, i.e using first event in one of the games and second event in the other game or vice versa.
Next select a corresponding game to event one and also a corresponding game to event two. Click match numbers.

illustration 21

illustration 22

» Illustration 21 and 22... From the search result, each week is divided into two section, first section is the winning numbers search result and the second section is the machine number search result. If there is any number matching, it will display notice and the numbers highlighted in green.
From the search result, you can see that there was a two number (89 35) match at week 2 . Scrolling down there were several one number matching either in machine or winning but lets consider week 11, (Illustration 22) where there is another 2 direct match of 35 49.

Apply the same procedure to "compare weekly pattern (count up)", the only difference is count down compares the next events (starting from the event you entered) in the chats while count up compares the previous events in the chat. Assume we entered event 234, count down will compare from event 234, 235, 236, etc, increasing down the chat while count up will compare events 234, 232, 231, etc, decreasing up the chats.

Key finder down/up

Just like compare weekly pattern, the "key finder" is used to find key i.e lapping numbers. For example, let us take lucky_g event 335 and midweek event 233 and see if there is any particular lapping or key down the chat. (When running you own search, the decision of choosing where to star depends on you)

illustration 23

» illustration 23 ... Click on key finder.

illustration 24

» illustration 24 ... Enter the events and select their corresponding games, then click search.

illustration 25

» illustration 25 ... Search result, at exactly 6 and 7 weeks down the search result in both chats, there was a 51/47 lapping.
The same principle applies to count up, the difference is that it counts up the chat instead of counting down. Lets assume you found out two events from different or the same games played the same numbers, in that situation, you can use key finder (count up) to verify if there is a certain key (up the chats) that sets those numbers.

Compare number and position

This is used to determine what I call "following numbers", these are two numbers from different or the same game that played at same position and at the same numbers of week after picking two events at random or from observation.
Lets see how it works. We will be using the same bananza and national chat we used earlier.


Alright, we observed 56/35 lapping in both chats. Lets compare the numbers and position to determine certain numbers that played same week same position from both chats.

illustration 26

» illustration 26 ... Click on compare number and position.

illustration 27

» illustration 27 ... A form input area displays, where you input the events you want to start the comparation from. Enter the events and select their corresponding games. Select alternating or strict, this will explained later and click on compare events.

illustration 28

» illustration 28 ... A new page displays, asking you to click on a button to see your search result.

illustration 29

» illustration 29 ... The search result is displayed for viewing. From the search result, we can see that at week 2, bonanza event 0218 and national event 0922: the numbers 35 played in third box winning in bonanza while 28 played at the same position in national.
Then, after 23 weeks, bonanza event 239 and national event 943 at fourth box winning, 28 played in bonanza while 35 played in national.
Also, after 38 weeks at bonanza event 254 and national event 958 at first box machine, 35 played in bonanza and 28 played in national.

NOTICE!!! 'W' stands for winning, 'M' stands for machine.

illustration 30

» illustration 30 ... Assume we selected "strict" instead of "alternating" from the input area, this is the result that will be displayed at week 2.
By selecting strict, we will remove any occurrence where the numbers changed game.

WHAT CAN YOU SEE AND HOW FAR CAN YOU SEE?, it is left for you to use the information.

compare number pattern

This is used to easily determine how two numbers (either same or different numbers) move in same or different games.
illustration 31

» Illustration 31 ... Click on compare number pattern.

illustration 32

» Illustration 32 ... A form input area where you input the two events you wish to start the comparation from, and their corresponding games, click compare event.

illustration 33

» Illustration 33 ... A page displays showing another form input area and both chats.

illustration 34

» Illustration 34 ... Enter the numbers you want to highlight in both chats and click compare. (Here, we want highlight 35 and 56)

illustration 35

» Illustration 35 ... Those numbers are highlighted in the chats for your viewing.


You can use all the features of the advanced chat reading to compare same game or chat, just enter the events and select the same game as shown in the illustration bellow. For example if we want to compare two different event in MSP.

illustration 36

Lapping/knocking finder

Lapping and knocking finder lets you easilly find all lapping and knocking in a particular operators' games. Lets assume we want to find where 45 laps 61 in any premier game chart, this can be very time consuming using the old way of finding lappings and knocking. We have to input 45/61 in every premier game and search, that means we have to search 19 times because premier operates 19 games ?.
Lapping/knocking finder lets us search all the 19 charts at a go, thereby, it drastically reduces the time and stress involved when using the old method. Another good news is that you can enter up to ten lappings or knocking (just fill all of the boxes with your desired numbers) at a go, you are not limited to one lapping or knocking as with the old method.

Ok... lets demostrate how to use it.. We wll be using STRICT (lapping at the exact positions we place the numbers) lapping for this demostration, same process applies to others

illustration 37.. input form..

» Illustration 37...
1 => Select the operator you wish use. here we want to find the lappiing in premier games

2 => This the input area where you input your lappings. There are two lines with ten boxes each, representing two draws as found in paper charts. We want to find where 45 laps 61 at 4th box winning in all premier games chart, of course we said earlier we are using strict lapping i.e looking for the lapping at exactly the position we input the lappings, then, at 4th box, put 45 up and 61 down as shown in the screenshot above. Click find to start the search.

illustration 38: The search result

» Illustration 38...
1 => 45/61, the lapping from the result found.

2 => This shows you all the places where 45 / 61 laps @ 4th box winning, as you can see, in all premier games, it only occured in two places, that are premier lucky (events 738/739) and premier markII (events 437/438). The name of the game where the lapping occurs is identified at the end of the second line of each match that was found. The two arrows name "2" in the screenshot above. " P.LUC and P.MRK ", P stands for premier, LUC stands for lucky, which means the match was found in premier lucky chart. Same goes for " P.MRK " , which is premier markII chart. Same goes for other operators, if you check Ghana, you will see something like "G.BON" , G.MSP, etc while golden chance will show "GO.SUP" , "GO.WAZ", etc, they are just the same initiative, "G" stands for Ghana while "GO" stands for golden chance. use the alpabets after the dot to determine the name of the chart/game in question, it is very simple and easy.

3 => This lets you easily dertermine what numbers laps, since the matching numbers don't turn green here. On the second line of each match that was found, after the curly bracket (}), you see "45/61" (for the example used here), that lets you know 45/61 laps in that match. This very helpful when you do multiple search at once, you can easily locate the lapping.

4 => These are the next draws after each match that was found. that is explanatory on its own.

The same procedure applies to Random lapping and knocking. Random lapping find the lapping at any position while knocking means three number lapping. knockings are very rare to find. I will advice you to always input more than one knockings, so that you can be able to find one or two matches.

Close numbers

We have discovered our members use match at leat 2 numbers most times, so, we decided to make it better, Close number is the same with match at least two number but with greater flexibility and power.

With close number, there are advantages like;

1.) You don't have to input your numbers all the time, you just input your nimbers once.
2.) You can search at least two numbers, at the very particular position you place the numbers.
3.) You don't have to jump from one chart/game to the other. Every operation and game is done from one interface.
4.) You can input up to ten numbers to search.

illustration 40.. input form..

» Illustration 40...
This is very simple and straight foward

1 => This the input boxes where you input your numbers. Each box represents the position of each number you type there, You can leave any of the boxes empty but you must fill-in at least two of the boxes in other for your search to be successfull. The screenshot above shows, we only interested in searching for 23 @ fisrt box, 24 @ second box and 55 @ 6th box.

2=> Select the search operation you wish do, (compulsory), it is self explanatory

3 => input a year if you wish to limit your search results to that year. This is optional.

4 => Select the game you wish to search. (compulsory) and click the "find" button. The result will be shown to you

Note that the search is limited to one game at a time.