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The complete new reader is set to be uploaded, it would have been uplaoded yesterday (tuesday) if not for some issues we have to clear with the new domain name.
Note that from friday, 19/04/2019 ,we will move permanently to the new domain, What you will see here will be a link to the new domain. There are new improvements.

The new domain is free for registration and usage for a limited time from now.

» Forcast will be available on the new domain and you can personally forcast your games with the forcaster, the forcaster(kodemaster) needs the last three draws of a game to get to work for you, and if you ask me, there have been pretty good results from our test-runs.

» The new reader can now remember the numbers you entered forever. No more complains about having to re-enter your numbers after sign-in.

» Knocking, lapping and close pull next draws for you.

» We credit you 10%n ( for ordinary members account) of your referral time and logins, and now we give you 10% of their subscription fee withrawable as from $15 and above. Automatically calculated in your dashboard with details.

» We've fixed the bug on 'narrow down to a game' select button for lapping and knocking, now working.

» Pay anywhere/Instant account activation:- There is option of online payment on the new domain, members from other countries can now pay us with ease, paying online activates your account instantly. You don't have to call/text admin and admin won't be 'wasting' your time anymore. All payment details are handled, managed and secured by one of the best and reputable payment gateway in Africa,

» We are open for collaboration, if you have web traffic/leads, or you own a website/application related to lotto, or which can generate genuine traffic for us, then get in touch, +2347062970887,
We are looking forward to working with people from Ghana, Nigeria and others,

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