Frequently Asked Questions

What is lottochatreader all about ?

Lottochatreader is an innovative web-app that simplify lotto chart reading: Instead of spending hours manually reading lotto charts, our chart reader app easilly and effortlessly do the job at the click of a button.

I registered successfully but I can't sign-in ?

» Note that username and password are case sensitive, for example, if you registered with a username say 'john' , you can't login with 'John' . Notice the capital letter 'J'

How do I activate my account or credit my account ?

» click here on information on how to activate or credit your account.

Where can I find tutorials on how to use the chart reader ?

» Click here on the tutorials of how to use the chart reader.

Do the chart reader forcast lotto games ?

» The chart reader does not forcast lotto games, although we are working on 'Kodemaster', a forcaster app which uses artificial inteligence to forcast lotto games with accuracy of 70% and above.

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